There are no TYPICAL Days

We love mountain life, but we are always unsure of how to respond when someone asks about a typical day for us. Each day is different out here for us.

For example,  this week we have had tons of visitors at our house. We have also went over to visit and minister to several different families.  Almost every day we give out medicines for common aches and pains. Right now there is no doctor in town so our small supply of medicine is dwindling fast. Chris had to fix busted sewer line (so exciting) but also a challenge with limited supplies out here. We have neighborhood kids playing at out house most every day. Rachel loves to disciple while either crafting or baking. 20160628_144952

This is Celia, a wonderful friend who has yet to put her faith in Christ. She is attending church and has weekly Bible study at her house. Please pray that her and her family get saved!

What else do we do??

“Typical” week for the most part

Sunday – Chris preaches and Rachel helps with kids classes, after church we get lots of visits

Monday – Visiting and English Class, Team Meeting in afternoon

Tuesday – Visiting and English Class

Wednesday – Prayer Meeting

Thursday – Men’s Meeting

Friday – Youth Group at our house

Saturday – Kids Club


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