The Forgetfulness of God?

My Grandpa Casey was a very unique man. He was, by today’s standards, uneducated. I think He may have finished 5th or 6th grade. He had to go to work very early in life because his father had died. Being the oldest has its responsibilities, so by the age of 13 he had become a staple at the local saw mill.

Then, Uncle Sam called upon him to serve in WWII. His education at the saw mill prepared him to work at a Naval Depot somewhere within the South Pacific.

After the war, he came back to Muscadine, Alabama . . . God’s Country!

In the mid to late 60s, he was working in a foundry in Anniston, Alabama. It was there he lost his left hand in a work related accident, but that did not deter him from what he loved most . . . planting a garden and building furniture.

Losing a hand did not handicap Mr. Casey. He adapted and overcame his disability. I use to watch in amazement at what he could do with one hand! He would drive nails with one hand! I mean who does that kind of stuff? His mind, even though uneducated in school, was sharp from the school of life and Uncle Sam. It was not until we began to notice the evidence of Alzheimer’s that I realized how great and smart a man he was. Slowly, the disease took his mind and eventually Granpa himself. I sure do miss him!! I could learn so much from him now!

This all leads me to this question: If God is all knowing . . . how can he forget . . . our sin?


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