The Dog Wood Tree

It is a cold evening. In fact, it is too cold to be sipping coffee while rocking on the front porch; however, the beauty of Autumn beckons me outside.

As I write, leaves ride the wind and fall gracefully with the rain. In the distance, a tree is breaking and falling to the ground. As the tree falls, I look, but there is nothing to see . . . at first. Suddenly, I notice something I have noticed for most of my life. The crashing tree that captured my attention made me look past the obvious that stood in my yard. Now, as my eyes focused back upon my yard, I notice the Dog Wood Tree standing in her Autumn brilliance. She is not an unusual sight, as she has been growing here all my life. Sometimes I take the most obvious things for granted in my search for something more . . . significant. I wonder how often I do this? 

As I look at this old Dog Wood Tree, my mind jumps to this past Spring when she was blooming in her brilliance. Her blooms are very unique, as they remind me of the resurrection. Now, as I look upon the old tree, I notice the brilliant color of her leaves, blood red! I find that very unique as well. In the Spring, she reminds me of an empty tomb; however, in the Autumn, she reminds me of the cost of such a Spring flower! Now that is truly . . . significant! 

The attached photo was taken from my front porch. She is the old Dog Wood Tree God caused me to observe through the sound of a crashing tree!

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