Please Forgive Me

As I was reading last night, I fell under the conviction of the Holy Spirit. Why? In Luke 10, Jesus enters the home of Mary and Martha. In fact, Luke says that it was Martha who welcomes Jesus into their home. As He enters, He takes a seat and begins to teach. Meanwhile, Martha is working frantically to keep food on the table and wine in the glass. She is taking the empty plates into the kitchen and washing them. Maybe, just maybe, Martha sufferes from a bit of OCD with her dishes. Why wait until everyone is on the way home before starting to wash dishes when it is perfectly acceptable to begin washing them as they are taken off the table? OR . . . maybe . . . just maybe, Martha was like my Grandmother. I can remember complete strangers coming into her home, and she would wait on them hand and foot! I mean, if someone left her home without gaining twenty pounds, it wasn’t her fault. She was a servant, my Grandma. Maybe this was Martha’s ailment. It is not that what Martha does is wrong, it is that she does not understand timing!

I find it very interesting that Mary, in contrast to Martha, is sitting at Jesus’ feet! In fact, I would like to think that Mary gave Jesus . . . her seat at the table. Even though Martha invites Jesus into her home, Mary invites Jesus to sit in her seat! Wow! I believe that is exactly what Jesus longs for every person to do . . . invite Him to sit in her seat! When Jesus is in a person’s seat, He is in control; however, it takes a person to willingly let go of the drivers seat.

Now, I do not want to over spiritualize Mary here. I believe she is very much like her sister Martha. Mary is probably suffering from a dish washing OCDness. Mary probably is as good of a servant as Martha. So, what is the difference between these two sisters? Mary understands the significance of . . . TIMING! Mary is more discernible than Martha. Mary recognizes that while serving is important, giving Jesus her seat in order to sit at his feet, while He is present in their home, is FAR more important than serving!

Church . . . I don’t know about you, but I have lost my discernment and timing. I have become so focused on doing Church that I have forgotten to BE the Church! As I look around the people at The Refuge, I believe many are acting like Martha when we should be acting like Mary! For this Lord, I ask for forgiveness for myself and my brothers and sisters.

I hope as you read this post, you will ask the difficult questions. I hope you will seek not the rightness of what you do; rather, I ask you to discern the timing of what you do. The difference . . . well, to put it bluntly . . . we can have a ticket for a cruise and even be prepared to go on a cruise, BUT if we are not observing the time . . . we can be left on the shore waving goodbye as the boat sails out of the harbor!

My prayer is this: Please Forgive Me

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