Part 2:The Forgetfulness of God?

Can God forget? If He does forget, what does He forget? Is His forgetfulness the result of some divine amnesia or alhezimers?

Here is the short skinny about this topic: God does forget; however, His forgetfulness is a product of His choosing rather than a product of divine disease.

My Grandpa Casey suffered from a disease he did not choose. The results of the disease were not of his choosing either.

God’s forgetfulness is not like that at all. God’s forgetfulness is a concious choice! The results of God choosing to forget equals forever forgotten! In fact, it equals forever . . . forgiven!!

Now the theology of forgotten is this: God really does not forget; He simply chooses to NOT REMEMBER! How would my relationships change if I chose not to remember other people’s actions toward me? I believe such an ability is the tipping point of Grace!

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