One Strike, One Swing, And One Slide Later

The year is 1992. The Pittsburgh Pirates are one out away from the World Series. Atlanta is batting. The intensity of the moment is extraordinary! The spectators stand at the old ball park and their voices reach a crescendo that seem to rattle through my television. I am literally sitting on the edge of my bed . . . about to witness a historic moment!!

Yet, at the time all hope of Atlanta winning was lost. After all, the Braves had two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning and was losing by one run. The tying run stands on third. The go ahead stands on second, and his name is Sid Bream. Now old Sid was much worse than slow! He was painfully slower than slow! It hurt him to run, and it hurt me to watch him run, but on this night he was the go ahead run standing on . . . second.

I don’t remember the count nor who was batting, but I do remember what happened next! It is a moment I’ll never forget!

This moment still sends chills up my spine. Did you notice Sid Bream? He had his mind made up! He was dedicated to a course of action . . . going home . . . as he approaches third. If he had hesitated at all as he approaches third base, he would have been thrown out at home. You know, whether in sports or in life, you don’t have to be the most gifted person on the team. You only need to be dedicated to a course of action! I wonder, how could you bring glory to God if you did not hesitate?

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