My Hometown

My hometown is . . . Tallapoosa, Georgia. As I continue to grow older and grayer, I have come to learn that Tallapoosa’s mark upon me is much larger than her mark upon the map! As I have returned home to serve, my mind is flooded with images and stories of my childhood in this small country town! I am reminded of the people who molded me into the person I am today. The list is full of preachers, teachers, businessmen, principals, and just ordinary folks. The social fabric in which I was raised is one that I shall never forget.

Today, I am standing upon the shoulders of those who came before me, and I remember them as I walk through town. Some of these people are no longer with me today. They have finished their course! Their race is complete! All that remains are their . . . echoing voices and shoes! As I hear their voices and look at their empty shoes, I hear George Jones singing, “Who’s gonna fill their shoes? Who’s gonna stand that tall?”

I believe that the best days of Tallapoosa are happening now! While it may not ever be the same as it was when she was growing me up, I believe that my presence here in the past and the present SHALL make a difference! Yes, I believe I SHALL fill a pair of those old shoes! I believe I SHALL stand that tall! I wonder, who would like to take a walk with me in a pair of those old shoes?

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