Change for Change

Believe it or not, current reliable information indicates that 371 children in Haralson County are considered homeless! Our County defines homelessness as not having one’s own bed to sleep in. Many of our children are staying (living) with friends and family members. It’s no secret that times are hard, and that we are all facing challenges these days. We at The Refuge Ministries of West Georgia believe that this needs to change. Though we have all had to tighten our belts, we feel children deserve what we have to give, whether it is a little or a lot.

That’s why The Refuge Ministries has implemented “CHANGE for Change.” We are willing to do “whatever it takes” to end hunger and homelessness in our community. We will be placing change jars in all local businesses, bars and churches across the County for you to add your pocket change or dollars to help address this critical need. These “CHANGE for Change” proceeds will go directly toward helping the kids that we know really need it, and need it NOW. Communities such as ours are known for grit and determination. We are determined to help these children, and we ask you to join us. No matter how much or how little you give, the blessing is in knowing that you care enough to help our community and to help our children. Come back and visit our website in the weeks to come to read updates about the difference we really are making.

We ARE going to see the homeless in Haralson county diminish over time!!! Thank you for your support!