Child . . . Arise!

I have been in ministry for twenty-five years now. The road I have traveled has been long . . . and sometimes . . . unbearable! In 2009, life was rolling along . . . when suddenly a massive explosion ripped through my very soul disfiguring my life and faith. Looking back, I realize Satan had planted and IED in my life, and I, I alone squared it with both front wheels! The results were disastrous. Life altering . . . well, that is an understatement! The life I had before the explosion, it no longer exists. There are only reminants of that life, but as I read this passage in Luke 8 this morning, I am reminded . . . a small reminant is enough in the hands of Jesus!

I onced walked upon the waters out into the great unknown where feet otherwise fail! I once soared upon wings, like eagles, to heights unfathomable! However, I have succumbed to the voice of the enemy who whispers into my ears, “You are broken!” I have listened to the voices of many people who say, “You are not qualified!” I have listened, and I have believed this lie far too long! I once had a ministry, but that ministry . . . died in 2009! YET, on this morning, as I read, I can hear a small voice whisper a command . . . “Child . . . ARISE!” I hear the voices of many saints of God whispering . . . “You can again walk upon the . . . waters!” I hear the whispers of many saying, “You can again arise upon eagles wings and . . . FLY!” Therefore, with a hand reaching down and the echoes of child arise, I am . . . rising up into the arms of Jesus . . . just like Jarius’ daughter! I am . . . . rising up into the arms of Jesus . . . He who qualifies those who are otherwise known as . . . the unqualified! I will no longer live under the opinions of men; rather, I will live under the commands of God!

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