There are no TYPICAL Days

We love mountain life, but we are always unsure of how to respond when someone asks about a typical day for us. Each day is different out here for us. For example, ¬†this week we have had tons of visitors at our house. We have also went over to visit and minister to several different families. ¬†Almost every day we … Read More

Our Kids Ministry

God has opened up so many doors with the children’s ministry out here. We started a kids club on Saturdays that averaged around 40 kids and of course over 100 whenever we planned a special event. We have totes of toys and puzzles that the kids play with and then we move to a Bible lesson and craft. FUN STUFF. … Read More

Bienvinidos a Baborigame

Roughly 14 hours south of El Paso, TX nestled in the middle of a beautiful chain of mountains is a little town called Baborigame. It is where we have called home for almost 5 years now. The town population is around 4000 but over 10,000 Tepehuan Indians live in the mountains surrounding our town. Our ministry here is challenging, complex, … Read More

Thomas’ in Mexico

Hello! We’re Chris and Rachel Thomas, missionaries in Chihuahua, Mexico. We’ve been in Mexico for almost 8 years. We’re looking forward to sharing more about the ministry God has given us here, but would like to share just a bit about how we got to this point. Both of us are proud southerners, Chris grew up in Mississippi, and Rachel … Read More