I Have Seen the Lord!

I wonder today what ole Simeon thought after having seen the Lord? He had waited . . . . . . . . . . . . . . for years . . . . . . . . . . . . . and then . . . in walks Jesus! What an encounter! What an expected encounter! I … Read More

How to Journal Through Lent

I am going to use the SOAP Method of reading Scripture over the next 40 days. S is for Scripture. Even though I will be reading one to two chapters each day, I will commit to focusing upon ONE verse. Pick one to two verses out . . . be specific. O is for Observation. I will write a brief … Read More

Lent Reading Guide

LentReadingGuide2016 Above you will find the link to the Bible reading plan.

Part 2:The Forgetfulness of God?

Can God forget? If He does forget, what does He forget? Is His forgetfulness the result of some divine amnesia or alhezimers? Here is the short skinny about this topic: God does forget; however, His forgetfulness is a product of His choosing rather than a product of divine disease. My Grandpa Casey suffered from a disease he did not choose. … Read More

The Forgetfulness of God?

My Grandpa Casey was a very unique man. He was, by today’s standards, uneducated. I think He may have finished 5th or 6th grade. He had to go to work very early in life because his father had died. Being the oldest has its responsibilities, so by the age of 13 he had become a staple at the local saw … Read More

The Dog Wood Tree

It is a cold evening. In fact, it is too cold to be sipping coffee while rocking on the front porch; however, the beauty of Autumn beckons me outside. As I write, leaves ride the wind and fall gracefully with the rain. In the distance, a tree is breaking and falling to the ground. As the tree falls, I look, … Read More

Autumn Falls

As the forest canopy transforms into Autumn’s canvas of colors, there ┬áis significance in the lonely leaf that falls. Alone, its color signifies death; however, God uses the death of many leaves to paint a majestic mosaic as Autum falls upon the mountains. As Autumn falls this year, one should contemplate the cost of discipleship. Specifically, what is the cost … Read More