Jesus, Cell Phones, and Schedules

As I reflect upon Jon’s sermon on Easter, I must admit . . . I am struggling to follow the way of Jesus! On the one hand, there have been seasons in my life where I have followed without question, on the other hand, there have been seasons where I have been timid and even fearful to follow. At times, … Read More

Eternal Flame

I’m doing a Bible study on Leviticus and Hebrews. I started it on February 29th. One week before, I believe God gave me a sermon title called Eternal Flame. I made some initial notes about how this sermon would be outlined and developed and what some of the points would be. Now, on day nine of my Bible study God … Read More

Going Places!

Going Places This past week I had the honor of going to Zimbabwe. I have only been out of the country a few times. I remember the first time. I was playing with the band Crossties. We went to Germany to minister through the gift of music. I remember having culture shock! After living in Tallapoosa my entire life, and … Read More

The Ignorance of Religion

As I read Acts 4 on this evening, Luke continues the story which began in chapter 3. Peter and John, as they are entering the Temple, encounter a man who is lame. He had been lame from his birth. The only hope for this lame man is to beg for assistance near the entrance of the Temple. Upon seeing Peter … Read More

My Hometown

My hometown is . . . Tallapoosa, Georgia. As I continue to grow older and grayer, I have come to learn that Tallapoosa’s mark upon me is much larger than her mark upon the map! As I have returned home to serve, my mind is flooded with images and stories of my childhood in this small country town! I am … Read More

Jesus Cleanses The Temple

I read Luke 19:45-46 this morning, and after re-reading it again tonight, I have clarity! Jesus enters the Temple, as He usually does; however, this day is different! On this day, teachers are not . . . teaching! On this day, people are not . . . praying! On this day, true worship is taking a backseat! On this day, … Read More

This Little Faith of Mine

My eyes will not leave the passage I am reading this morning! I have read it over and over again trying to determine the weight of the words! These words are a like a scaple in the hands of a master surgeon. These words, like the scaple, are words of precision and accuracy! These words are so heavy they penetrate … Read More


I was reading this evening, as I usually do, from a variety of excerpts. One, in particular, attracted my attention. It was an article written and published online by the Huffington Post in 2013. I disagree with most of the article; however, there was a gem included. In the introduction, the author utilizes a significant quote from Reverend Cornel West … Read More

Please Forgive Me

As I was reading last night, I fell under the conviction of the Holy Spirit. Why? In Luke 10, Jesus enters the home of Mary and Martha. In fact, Luke says that it was Martha who welcomes Jesus into their home. As He enters, He takes a seat and begins to teach. Meanwhile, Martha is working frantically to keep food … Read More

Child . . . Arise!

I have been in ministry for twenty-five years now. The road I have traveled has been long . . . and sometimes . . . unbearable! In 2009, life was rolling along . . . when suddenly a massive explosion ripped through my very soul disfiguring my life and faith. Looking back, I realize Satan had planted and IED in … Read More