Bienvinidos a Baborigame

Roughly 14 hours south of El Paso, TX nestled in the middle of a beautiful chain of mountains is a little town called Baborigame. It is where we have called home for almost 5 years now. The town population is around 4000 but over 10,000 Tepehuan Indians live in the mountains surrounding our town.

Our ministry here is challenging, complex, and often complicated. We are heavily involved with the Spanish church here. Chris preaches a large majority of the time, Rachel helps with children’s classes, and we have a youth group that meets in our house on Friday evenings. We are also involved with helping the Tepehuan Indians in the area, which includes a wide variety of activities. (Food pantry, medicine, seeds, literacy, donated clothes, craft classes, hauling wood or supplies, etc)

We love small town life. Less running around and slower pace of life appeals to us. Currently we are waiting for rainy season to start. It is a beautiful time of the year out here. It does not get very hot and everything turns a vibrant green. As you can see in the picture posted,  right now we struggle with fires all around the mountains.  Please pray our rainy season starts soon. People out here have planted bean and corn crops that are in desperate need of rain so they have a food source. Please pray that the rains start soon! FB_IMG_1452010121387

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