Autumn Falls

As the forest canopy transforms into Autumn’s canvas of colors, there  is significance in the lonely leaf that falls. Alone, its color signifies death; however, God uses the death of many leaves to paint a majestic mosaic as Autum falls upon the mountains.

As Autumn falls this year, one should contemplate the cost of discipleship. Specifically, what is the cost of following Jesus? In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus proclaimed these words: “Blessed are they who do hunger and thirst for righteousness: for they SHALL be filled” (Mt. 5:6). Just as a person cannot fill a full cup, God cannot fill a person unless he is empty. Therefore, the filling of righteousness is dependent upon the empting of oneself. As a result, one’s life is the cost of following Jesus!

However, here is the beauty of following Jesus! As the voluntary emptiness sweeping over a person’s soul is replaced with a hunger and thirst for Christ, God shall fill the emptiness  . . . (uhem) . . . with the vibrant colors of . . . righteousness!!

If God can paint a majestic mosaic with dead leaves, what kind of mosaic could He create with men and women covered in righteousness? Autumn falling upon the mountains is a majestic mosaic; however, it shall never compare to the miraculous mosaic of Grace falling upon men! 

What a miraculous masterpiece of . . . mosaics! One person, just as one leaf, has a significant role in God’s masterpiece. Alone, one may believe life has no significance; however, watch the forest canopy as Autumn falls! It takes many leaves placed perfectly to create the mosaic that calls millions to come and behold the triumphant beauty of the mountians!

As Autumn falls this year, consider how a person following Jesus will add to the miraculous mosaic of grace that calls a world to come behold the triumphant Christ! Such a mosaic has the power to inspire many sons to . . . glory!



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